Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Supply and installation of Electric Vehicle charging equipment

Electric Car Charging

AC Lister Electrical Contractors can help with the installation of all electric vehicle (EV) charging points for your business or home, commercial and domestic. Charging your car at home or work is much more convienient and can save you time, money and effort ensuring you always have your vehicles charged to the level your require.

EV chargers are availble in a range of power ratings from 3KW upwards, the 7KW range being the most popular, there is also a choice of tethered and untethered versions.  There are many designs of and of course picking one that you like of the look of is also important, there are also a range of EV Charger features such as chargers that would be compatible with your solar panel installation.

Whatever your requirements we will be able to advise and help you make the right choices to suit you EV charging needs.